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Welcome to the world of consignment…
the easy, profitable way to clean out your closets!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a consignor. Please review the following Consignment Guidelines.    Consignment Agreement Form - Click Here
Consignment Guidelines
• All Consignments are accepted by APPOINTMENT ONLY between 10:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

• You may bring up to 15 items and ALL guidelines MUST be followed. A minimum of 5 items are needed to become a consignor. There will be a one time fee of $10 for 1st time consignors.

• We accept gently worn childrens, juniors and ladies clothing sizes 0-24, handbags and accessories.

• We accept better label and designer apparel in current style no more than 2yrs. old and in “EXCELLENT “ condition. No discount store brands: (Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Dress Barn, K-Mart, Blaire, Lee, Fashion Bug, etc.)

• Clothing must be FRESHLY CLEANED, PRESSED and on HANGERS. *Please inspect clothing well at home for spots, lint, broken zippers, missing buttons, pet hair, moth holes, odors, etc. We do not accept garments with tags cut out. Your hangers will be returned after acceptance.

• Please remove all dry cleaning tags and plastic.

• Spring/Summer clothing accepted February 1st -June 30th, Fall/Winter clothing accepted August 15th – December 30th. Holiday accepted November 1st -December 10th.

• Consignors receive 40% of the contracted price.
• Items are kept for 90 days. Items are marked down 2 times during the consignment period. After 90 days, UNSOLD ITEMS become store property.

• GLORY DAZE sets the selling price. Stop in anytime for the money you have made!

• We will select which of your items we can accept on consignment. Please do not be offended if we say “no thank you” to any of your items. We must keep the shopping preferences of our customers in mind.
588 Randolph Ave Milton, Ma 02186 phone: 617-696-9500